We did it!  What a fantastic response to our inaugural business group social meet up at Frampton’s.

As well as regular OfficeTribe member social events and talks, The OfficeTribe Business Group run monthly not-for-profit networking, talks and social events. These events are open to anybody who wants to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and business people.

The OfficeTribe Business Group

Business is a skill that anyone can learn however… most people are still trying to ‘guess their way to success’… how stupid is that?

The OTBG brings experts to educate and inspire you on your journey so that success in business is no longer a guessing game but a commitment to growth and learning.

We run expert education events for business owners and evening social events to connect and entertain- a group of passionate entrepreneurs who love what we do and are addicted to growing and contributing. We also believe business should be fun so please leave your ties at home!