There are a number of benefits of joining a coworking community over renting your own space, and some of these are financial. Jack Sales from TN Accountancy outlines some of the main financial benefits.

There are three main areas of financial benefit in joining a co-working community:

  1. Cost saving
  2. Having expenses all in one place
  3. Flexibility

Cost Saving

With regards to the actual cost saving, office space (particularly in Tunbridge Wells) can be very expensive. Not only is this true for the actual rent itself, but there are a number of costs to consider, such as internet, rates, heating, lighting, not to mention fitting the office out and purchasing office furniture.

Having expenses all in one place

As all of the above extras are included when you rent space in a coworking community, which brings us on to the second point. When you rent space in a coworking community, all the associated costs (internet, rates, heat, light, office furniture etc.) are included. This makes keeping a track of your business’s overheads an awful lot easier, as everything is included in one fee. It shouldn’t be underestimated how much time this saves a lot of business owners, which frees them up to spend more time either working on their business, or time away from work.


Coworking spaces also offer great flexibility, so you can start out by taking a hotdesk, and as your business grows, you can move into a small office, and then to bigger ones within the same building. This is a great cost saver, because you aren’t having to source new space as you grow, you aren’t having to fit-out a new office every time you move, and your business address stays the same the whole time.

TN Accountancy

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