Make it Your Business – a panel discussion by Julia Olden on starting a business with a young family

My business coach, Emma Jefferys, gave me a brilliant quote recently; “you can do anything, not everything.”

New Events Sponsored By OfficeTribe

Tunbridge Wells Business Group a local meet up for enthusiastic business minded individuals.

OfficeTribe member blog: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Social Media

One of our members runs a Social media business and is a firework at what she does 😉 Kizzie has very kindly shared her top tips for us as a guest blogger so check it out below to make the most of your social media. 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Social...

Is your work environment on brand?

Imagine you have spent weeks working on a pitch or presentation. You’re confident that the work is the best it can be, you’re so happy with it you cannot wait to share with colleagues and clients. No doubt you have thought of what you will say, what you will wear, and...

Financial benefits to coworking?

There are a number of financial benefits to taking a desk in a coworking space, some of them financial. From ease of management and time saving issues, to money saving options and flexibility. Read our guest blog by Jack at TN Accountancy for his tips on why it might be the best financial option for you and your business.

Official Launch Party!!!!

The OfficeTribe brunch Launch was a taster of things to come for our members and future members! ‘We wanted to create an internal network and partners with local businesses to offer support for our members. A panel of local businesses who talked to us about their...

Better Together! What does working at OfficeTribe mean for you?

In the wake of national coworking day we discuss the benefits of coworking at OfficeTribe. The word ‘Tribe’ implies belong to something and being part of a larger community. When you homework or you start up on your own, it can be a very lonely existence. Joining a...

Coffee is important to us!

Great coffee makes good connections and benefits a co-working community.

Welcome to the Tribe!

We've launched our website and we'd be delighted if you'd join us...

Creating a Community

It can be a very lonely place when you're working from home. We want to create a community and a place of work that brings people together, motivates and inspires you to do great things. Growing the Tribe and supporting each other is our mission! Whether you are an...

St Patricks Day Social Networking in Tunbridge Wells

Please join us to celebrate St Patricks Day at our central Tunbridge Wells location to have a few social beers, and do a bit of casual networking. Create the opportunity to meet other like minded, driven entrepreneurs and see how links develop. Perhaps you are new to...

Presentation Skills Workshop Tunbridge Wells

‘The potency of a speech is not so much about its content, but about its presentation – the potential to inspire with powerful lessons, the pace, the posture, the pitch, the phrases, the painting of pictures into words and the prevailing pause

*Free* Business growth lab- Tax return accounting

Kicking off our first monthly Business Growth lunch and learn session is Jack from @tnaccountancy. For help with those last minute tax returns/advice on tax efficiency or any general accountancy questions then please book in your slot with Jack NOW. Jack will be at...

Launch Of OfficeTribe Business Group

We did it!  What a fantastic response to our inaugural business group social meet up at Frampton's. As well as regular OfficeTribe member social events and talks, The OfficeTribe Business Group run monthly not-for-profit networking, talks and social events. These...

Blogs about a coworking community, its benefits to individuals and small business, including the more wider reaching benefits to the local economy. We focus on hotdesking, small business growth support and desk spaces with a difference, allowing for a broad range of subjects to keep you entertained and engaged. 

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