In the wake of national coworking day we discuss the benefits of coworking at OfficeTribe.

The word ‘Tribe’ implies belong to something and being part of a larger community.

When you homework or you start up on your own, it can be a very lonely existence. Joining a coworking community like OfficeTribe not only provides you with a venue outside of your home that should aid good work but it also gives you access to people and a network of other businesses which can propel you and your business in new directions and help it move forward.

At OfficeTribe we want to promote this tribal coworking idea, and help our members interact and network every day.

  • We have a blackboard up in the breakout area to encourage our members to write on when they are ‘in’ so that if we can assist another tribe member they know where to go.
  • Good coffee and lovely breakout areas are essential to create areas to chat, interact and a have a well needed break.
  • Regular talks and events for our OfficeTribe members give opportunities to learn and expand our ideas beyond our expertise and gives us more opportunities to meet other local people offering services that might mutually benefit you.
  • Mixing hotdesks into our dedicated area means that even just sitting at your desk can give you a chance to meet someone new- and meeting new people equals new opportunities.
  • We will continuously offer our members both ‘inter-tribal’ and external partnerships with companies that will benefit you. From virtual VA’s to marketing assistance and essential business coaching, there will always be something that will help you focus, develop and grow your business.

Become part of something bigger than you and together you can be great!